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Friday, June 17, 2011

Saturday, June 18, 2011 Orchard Todo List

Saturday todo

Irrigate. We are now irrigating twice a week right now, Tuesdays and Saturdays

Corky spot on Mutsu apple
Pick up fallen fruit. This helps to control those nasty pests that get into fallen and soft fruits like the dried fruit beetle and confused sap beetle.

Harvest designated fruit. This will include peaches, apricots, early plums and nectarines. We are getting into Peaches like May Pride and nectarines like Arctic Star, some of the best fruit out there. Plums are Beauty and a really good  one coming up, Burgundy. Also Flavor Supreme pluots are just starting to come on but I think they have all been purchased ahead of time.

Evaluate any fruit which does not have a history of evaluations. We have some new fruit we just planted during the last couple of years that we do not have any evaluations on. These are sensory evaluations primarily for the market and restaurants.

Pick up any branches lying in the orchard aisles. Please! Someone can get hurt!

Corky spot on Comice pear
Put in irrigation boxes. We need to get that main valve, a Schrader valve, covered and buried.

Put privacy fencing on south fence. We will remove that old green screening that is getting shredded on the outside and put this new screening on the inside of the fence between the trellised trees and the fence.

Spray calcium (weather permitting). This should be our fourth application of calcium for corky spot and bitter pit of pears and apples.

Spray Mpede on vegetable plots. This is insecticidal soap which goes on lots of leafy stuff about three times a week.

Check hops and fertilize. We are trying some hops this year and they need some attention.

Weed control. Always a problem.

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