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Monday, October 31, 2011

First Pruning Class To Be Conducted at the UNCE Orchard on November 12

            I will be conducting fruit tree pruning classes at the UNCE Orchard in North Las Vegas beginning in November and through December and January.  The first class will be on Saturday, November 12.  This will be before leaf drop and the topic will be on how to lower fruit trees to reduce the use of ladders when pruning or harvesting.  All other pruning classes will be conducted in December and January.
Top picture shows 15 year old standard peaches pruned
to keep them at 6 1/2 feet while bottom picture shows a tree
that was pruned after leaf drop

            I think most of you realize that our economic downturns have resulted in a substantial loss of funding.  This includes funding in support of the orchard.  For this reason, we will be asking for a $5.00 donation in support of the UNCE orchard for each of the classes.  All monies collected will be used in support of orchard educational programs.  If this places a hardship on anyone please let me know and we will make suitable arrangements.


  1. Bob,
    How do we participate in the class? Do we sign up or just show up at the UNCE Orchard?

  2. Just come on down. We will start about 9 am and go until everyone understands how to do it. Those that bring pruners (loppers and hand pruners) can participate in lowering some trees. We will sort it all out when we are there.