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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lawn Class Coming Up This Sunday and Lawn Hints for the Desert

My last class in the month of February will be on how to grow lawns here in our climate. It will be at Plant World Nursery this Sunday at noon. You can sign up by emailing me at Extremehort@aol.com or signing up online at Eventbrite
The epitome of how NOT to use a lawn in
a Las Vegas landscape in the Desert
"The question is not whether lawns should be used in the Desert but rather HOW lawns are used in the Desert." - Extremehort

Some good reasons to have a lawn in the desert:
  • Stop dirt blown wind
  • Keep dirt from being tracked into the house
  • Reduce heat and glare around the house
  • Practice sports, roughhouse or picnic
  • Dogs gravitate to lawns for doing their stuff
  • Improves the soil and is easy to remove if relandscaping later
  • Modifies microclimates around the house
  • It helps keep an important large tree watered
Some really bad reasons to have a lawn in the desert:
  • It looks pretty
  • It fills ugly voids in the landscape
  • Stops erosion on hills and slopes
  • I had one in Minnesota (or North Carolina, or New York, or...)
  • I ran out of ideas
When designing a lawn area in the desert:
  • Make it small, no larger than you need but not less than 10ft X 10ft
  • Make it square or rectangular in shape when using overhead (sprinkler) irrigation
  • Keep it away from the house by at least three feet or more in heavy soils
  • Design and install an efficient irrigation system correctly
  • Use it in the back or side yards, not the front
  • Don't use inexpensive seed
  • Make it level, not on a slope
  • Improve the soil before planting
  • Use subsurface irrigation only on small lawn areas

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  1. Unfortunately, I can attest to the fact that all the neighbors, with leashed dogs, gravitate to my front lawn.