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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

On Assignment in Afghanistan

Me with a technician at field plots at Balkh University.
I am on assignment in northern Afghanistan now but my readers will still be able to follow the answers to my gardening questions here in the newspaper as well as my blog. I will post more on Afghanistan as well. I am at 36 degrees north latitude right now. Las Vegas is also at 36 degrees north latitude and at a similar elevation so the climates are very similar. I have been tracking the weather in Las Vegas and day and night temperatures are similar right now. Weather here is dry and the plots behind me are irrigated or it would be desert back there. So keep the questions coming!


  1. Cool...I always like seeing what people grow, and what the weather is doing, in analogous climates and environments. Look forward to more!

  2. How exciting! I have to know what are they growing and what are you eating?

  3. Stay tuned. I will be posting more on the foods and what they grow here. I was at the wholesale market and retail markets. You can come with me as I visit markets and farmers in the area.