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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fruit Tree Classes at Acacia Park and Sun City Anthem Garden Club

Q. I taught a fruit tree class in September at Acacia Gardens, part of the City Henderson's gardening series. We had 76 people attend.  Would you say there is a lot of interest in growing fruit trees? I also taught the same class again a couple weeks later at the Sun City Anthem Garden Club, the same place where you spoke a couple years ago. Thirty two people attended.

A. Educating people on how to grow fruit trees was a major focus of my educational programs when I was with Cooperative Extension. Yes, most people in the LV area believe that fruit trees are difficult to near impossible to grow there which you know is not the case.

            The climate is one factor but many fruit trees grow well in the same type of climate worldwide. Soil is the other big factor and our soils are horrendous and must be modified for any kind of long term success with fruit trees. This means modifying the existing soil with compost heavily and the use of organic surface mulch.

Past Fruit Tree Class at Acacia Park. Please contact them or UNCE Master Gardeners for future classes. 702-257-5555.

Clark County Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners will offer a series of free classes at Acacia Park in conjunction with the Henderson Parks and Recreation Department. All classes will be taught by Master Gardener instructors and begin at 9 a.m. The line-up includes:
  • September 22, Information on Fruit Trees - What fruit trees grow here in Las Vegas? How do you get edible fruit? You can grow many fruits and it is not all that difficult. Come and learn from a Nevada Cooperative Extension Master Gardener all about planting, growing, pruning, and harvesting fruit here in the Las Vegas valley.
For more information, contact the Master Gardener Help Desk at 702-257-5555, email lvmastergardeners@unce.unr.edu or google Master Gardeners of Southern Nevada FaceBook. See below for the location of Acacia Park in Henderson, NV.


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