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Monday, November 12, 2012

Mycorrhizae - Some Background

Q. What are your thoughts on mychorizae?  I bought some a while back from T&J Enterprises out of Washington state, and the chiles seemed to do really well.  Is it an aid or just my imagination?

A. I have had some experience with mycrorrhizae in the past and if the soil is void of these critters then plants will definitely improve if some is added. But if the soil already contains the right kind of mycrorrhizae then it won’t do much.

Mycorrhizae should not cost so much and they go a long way in your soil since they multiply under good growing conditions. These are fungi that live in and around plant roots. In the past they were normally associated with better uptake of phosphorus but now they have had many other things attributed to them as well.

I always like to take a little bit of soil from where a plant was growing just for the mycorrhiza content. That little bit of soil will have enough mycrorrhizae to inoculate your soil.

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  1. One would think the LV Demo Orchard would be a good test bed since the original "dirt" is right next to the orchard. That and a core sample going down at least 4 feet in the orchard bed and analyzed for carbon, mineral and microbial content at differing depths. Student projects?