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Monday, May 20, 2013

We Have an Ocotillo Competition Going!

Cathy and Bill think they have the largest ocotillo in Las Vegas. Does anyone want to challenge them? It is about 22 feet tall. Keep your eye on this posting. I will update it as I learn more.

They sent me a picure of its base.


  1. That's a big one...I might be able to rival that ocotillo's size, but Las Cruces or El Paso aren't in Las Vegas! We even have some in Albuquerque, but not as large as down south, maybe with our shorter growing season and cooler winters.

    Always nice to see thriving, large ocotillos like that, almost able to stand on it's own in the space.

  2. Alot of thanks for David's response. If you are a lover of the desert and landscape design and architecture, his blog is a wonderful place to visit. http://desertedge.blogspot.com

  3. Did you really mean 22 feet? Wow, I have never seen one that big.