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Monday, October 7, 2013

Elberta Peach Fruit Problems is in Management

Q. Thank you so much for the recommended fruit tree list.  When we were out at the orchard, we talked to one of the grape pruners who liked the O'Henry peach.  It seems to be quite high in chill hours.  Does it do well here?  We have an Elberta, which harvests in August, and the fruit is always small and on the mushy side.  Other than that question, I think we have our list picked out.

Early Elberta peach at UNCE orchard in north las vegas
A. You may be doing something wrong with the Elberta peach. Our July Elbertas, Early Elbertas and Lemon Elbertas all do well. About a 4.0 on a 5.0 scale. O’Henry has only been in a few years and it is a bit early to tell yet. I would focus on an early peach and get it off the tree, a mid season and then you have your late season. But all our Elbertas are good peaches and not small if you thin them and not mushy if you get them off the tree when you should. Get an early one. O’Henry is not early and near the same time as Elberta.

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