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Monday, October 7, 2013

Good Apples for Mojave Desert

Q. I live in Summerlin and have a Bartlett pear tree in the ground. I wish to plant an apple with a harvest time as far as possible from the Bartlett pear, so as not to have too much harvested fruit on hand at any one time.
Can you inform me of one or two apple varieties with a harvest time as far apart as possible from my Bartlett pear's harvest time? I have received conflicting information from three, rather authoritative, local sources.
Pink Lady apples picked November 15 2008 at UNCE orchard
A. You can go either later in harvest which would be late November and early December or you can go earlier. If you go later, Pink Lady apple should be about a month after Bartlett pear. If you go earlier you could plant Anna or Golden Dorsett as a good early Apple. I tend toward Golden Dorsett myself based on taste. Both are yellow apples but both are good apples, not great but good. Pink Lady is a great Apple in our climate.

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