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Monday, April 21, 2014

Fireblight Seen in the Las Vegas Valley in Late March

Fireblight has been seen on Asian pear, European pear and apple in the Las Vegas valley.
This may be leftover from infections last year. Please remove by pruning or cutting out infected shoots, branches or limbs. This should be done with sterilized pruning equipment. Sanitize equipment between each cut with alcohol, bleach or heat. If using bleach you must oil any metal parts afterwards. Cut at least 12 inches below lowest part of infected plant part. Sanitize your tools and hands between each time you cut. Remove infected plant parts and put immediately into plastic and do not compost it.
Infected tissue is black and new growth often dies in hooked growth pattern as can be seen in front of my finger.

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  1. Hey Bob, just a comment on the section where you mentioned Fire Blite. Studies have shown that the only reliable disinfectant for sterilization is a 50/50 mix of household bleach and water. Alcohol and other disinfectants have proven to be almost useless.