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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Don't Use Containers to Store Plants until You Move

Q. I'm new to Nevada and currently renting a house.  I'm looking for plants that can stay in containers for at least a year, as we plan to take them when and if we move. I tried to grow some herbs, an eggplant, cacti, flowering plants and they all died.  
Strawberry's and vegetables grown in containers at Viragrow
A. If you are renting I would certainly encourage you to focus on annuals that you can use. I would not encourage you to buy fruit trees or landscape trees now and keep them in containers for planting later when you move.
You are better off buying those plants when you are ready to put them in the ground. There is just much too high of a risk that you'll lose them before you plant them.
If you are fond of cooking and focus on some vegetables and herbs that you would be using for cooking. I would not use containers smaller than 5 gallon unless they are cacti are succulents.
The small containers just do not hold enough water for these plants to make it through the summer months. Be prepared to water them daily. Use a good container soil when planting and avoid the cheapest soil you can buy.
Fruit trees and landscape trees never do well stored for long periods of time in containers
Most plants usually do better with an Eastern exposure rather than a southern or Western exposure. In the wintertime annual plants will frequently do better in the south and west exposures.
Take a look at my blog and do some reading up on growing container plants here.

Tricks to container gardening

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