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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Some Mulches and Plants Bring Bark Scorpions Into Las Vegas

Q. I am hearing that some of the palms and rock are bringing in scorpions. 

Learn About Bark Scorpions and Control Here

A. It is very possible that bark scorpions are being transported here on plants and nursery materials that are coming from desert climates where bark scorpions are common. If plants and nursery materials are coming from places where bark scorpions are not common, then they are probably not going to be a problem.
          I have heard the same comment made about landscape mulches. Those mulches originating from nondesert areas most likely do not contain scorpions. That doesn’t mean they can’t be infested once they arrive here.

Check to see where your plant materials and mulches originate from. If they come from locations that do not have bark scorpions then these plants and materials are not part of the problem.

          If you have some concerns about bark scorpions then investigate your landscape in the evening hours with a black light to see if their present. Many common insecticides used to control spiders are very effective in controlling bark scorpions.
          Now is a good time of the year to make a foundation spray around the perimeter of the house to establish a barrier that these critters are less likely to cross. In the next month outdoor critters will be trying to stay warm and looking for food. Your warm house during the cool evening or night is a magnet for drawing all sorts of critters.


  1. Blog posts are also part of my newspaper column in the Las Vegas Review Journal. Sent to me by a reader of my newspaper article but would have been seen by no one unless I posted it here. The picture at the bottom of my post is the picture he sent to me and mentioned in His comment below.

    Bob, you missed a VERY important aspect of planting Ash trees, especially near or around a home.

    I've attached a picture of the results of planting an Ash tree. This root (attached picture and imbedded within the text) is below my driveway (which I had to have removed in order to remove the root which has already damaged my home's foundation).

    In the picture, the tree is/was behind and to the right of the picture. The upper left is where the root grew, under my garage foundation and further grew towards my kitchen's tile cracking it in a line of tile.

    Surrounding the two Ash trees I had in my front lawn, the roots grew at the surface which strangled any and all grass that grew around my trees.

  2. My newspaper column can be accessed online at http://www.reviewjournal.com/columns-blogs/bob-morris