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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fall Or Winter Head Cold or Allergies? Shoestring Acacia.

Shoestring Acacia is in bloom right now and has been credited with allergy problems. In fact, they will bloom through most of the winter.
Shoestring Acacia flowers in Bloom in January
Shoestring Acacia can grow up to 40 feet tall quite rapidly and it is relatively upright so it can be useful in more narrow locations and in scale with two-story homes and commercial buildings.They are good selection for desert landscapes but allergies might be a problem.
Shoestring Acacia with a fairly wide form.
It is propagated from seed so there is a lot of genetic variability which means you can have narrow ones and you can have wider ones. If you are picking one that is intended for a narrow area, pick one that has a narrow habit to begin with in the nursery. Chances are if it is narrow in the container it is more likely to be narrow when it is older. If you pick one that is not so narrow when it is small, you do run the chance of having a fairly wide Shoestring Acacia.
Shoestring Acacia, narrow form. This tree is started from seed so there is a lot of variation in the trees. Pick one that is narrow to begin with and hopefully it will stay narrow if that is what you want. If you want one that's wide, then pick a form that's wide in the nursery.

It hails from Australia which, like so many trees from Australia, blooms during the fall or winter months rather than spring and summer. It is popular here in the desert Southwest and some people consider that it might be over planted.  There are complaints from people that it is messy and the leaves, because they are long and narrow, are difficult to clean up. Whatever you do, don't cut the top off. Trees that are pruned like this are ruined for life.
Shoestring Acacia topped at commercial planting North Decatur and CC 215

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