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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Reader Success with Celebrity and Beefmaster Tomatoes in Las Vegas

I received this email from a reader who wanted to tell me about some of his successes. The following are his successes with some of the pictures he sent to me.

This year I planted Celebrity & Beefmaster, one each in hanging planters and one each in our little raised garden.  I can tell you the hanging planters are a waste of time and money.  We got maybe 6 or so tomatoes off the two plants and none were even 3" size.
Readers Beefmaster tomato in small raised bed
In our raised garden the other two plants gave us a pretty good harvest with tomatoes from late June to early August.  I think I need to put even more straw for the Celebrity.  The Beefmaster gave us actually bigger tomatoes and they gave us more, but they sometimes were a strange shape, although the taste was great.
Readers Celebrity (smaller, round) and Beffmaster tomatoes
What I really wanted to relay is the story about the tomatoes shown in the photo.  These were picked a few days ago in early October.  As I said the plants were planted in early April, I was late this year.  They stopped producing around mid-July.  I was going to remove them and put in new plants but ran out of time as we left for travels to Europe in late August. Surprise!!  

When we returned 1 Oct these two plants had continued to grow (see other photos in separate emails) and were bearing new tomatoes as shown.  The plants are huge, probably at least 10 feet in height/length, leaning over due to the weight.  The Celebrity has produced the smaller tomatoes.  The Beefmaster is still producing large tomatoes, but they do have shapes just a little different than beefsteak, but they do remind me of such.  Served some at a dinner party last weekend and all were amazed at the get taste.

There are still at least 12-15 tomatoes on these two vines, currently all green, bit they continue to ripen.

i just think it great to continue to have fresh vine ripened tomatoes this time of year.

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