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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Keep Green Bush Daisy out of the Rocks

Q. I put a Green Bush Daisy in late this last spring.  I got lots of blooms at first but now no blooms and the plant is yellowing.  What’s wrong? 

A. The Green Bush Daisy or Euryops should bloom for you all through the summer and stay dark green if the soil has been amended at the time of planting with compost and you apply fertilizers regularly.
If you put this plant in a rock landscape with very little soil improvement or have it surrounded in rock mulch then yellowing is quite common. It will do much better with improved soils and an organic surface mulch such as wood mulch.
For it to continue to flower through the summer, the soil should remain moist and not dry out. They will not like rock mulch at all if this is what you have.
Try adding some iron and good quality fertilizer such as Miracle Gro or Peters applied to the soil and watered in about once a month.

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