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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Scorpions Entering Home Since September

Q. I thought I would send this to you about scorpions in our neighborhood.  I live in the Coventry homes area adjacent to Anthem Country Club.  In the past 17 nights armed with a UV light, screw drive and instant light propane torch I have killed 205 scorpions around our house. So far we have only had two in the house, lucky us.  Is there a better way to control the scorpions than getting out every night and hunting them down? 
Bark scorpion
A. They have been trying to get in to warm locations since it started getting cold. All of these critters are cold-blooded so they will tend to migrate into warm locations when temperatures cool in the fall.
Homeowners threatened by having scorpions in their home or landscape may not get much comfort from this comment but these guys do a lot in controlling insects. They are insect predators. The good thing is they go after bad guys. The bad thing is they also go after good guys. They don’t discriminate between good insects and bad insects (from a human perspective).
There are different approaches regarding the management of scorpions. One method is total extermination such as you are trying to do. It will seldom be totally effective but it will reduce their numbers considerably.
Another management method is to put barriers down that prevent entry into the home. These also will not be totally, 100% effective but they should greatly reduce the numbers that enter the home. I generally recommend applying a barrier spray to the outside of the home, similar to the type of spray used to keep out spiders and cockroaches.
Actually scorpions are quite easy to kill with insecticides. They are very susceptible to them and often times are killed when they eat other insects that have come in contact with many insecticides used for spider and roach control. Any barrier spray application to the foundation of the home will work. I wrote a piece on this for Viragrow. I will attach a link to that publication.

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