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Saturday, January 3, 2015

What is Causing Citrus Leaves to Yellow?

Q. What is causing the leaves on my lemon tree to turn yellow?  This has been happening gradually all year.

Readers lemon leaves
A. Leaf yellowing of citrus is caused by any of these problems or in combination: high light intensity, micronutrient deficiency such as iron, irrigation and drainage problems and salinity. If the yellowing occurred during the winter and it was more of a bronze appearance then I would say it was due to winter cold.

Looking at the picture you sent, some of the leaves have leaf tip burn. That could be caused by salinity or a lack of water. It is possible it could also be too much water or poor drainage but I don't think this is the case unless you are watering it several times a week.
Without more information I am guessing it is a combination of high light intensity, micronutrient deficiency and possibly salts. If the leaves were more “bronzy” looking I might also conclude it could be high light intensity if it is in a location with lots of reflected light.
Yellowing of citrus leaves due to high light intensity

Flush salts from the soil. Apply a large volume of water to the irrigated area under the tree to flush salts that might be causing a problem. Do this two or three times over a period of a few days then revert back to normal irrigations.
Water no more than every ten days right now. Make sure the volume of water is sufficient to wet the soil 18 inches deep. When new growth resumes, resort to irrigating more often but this time of the year irrigating 10 days apart should be adequate.
Unkinown nutrient deficiency of citrus but probably manganese or iron. Since iron deficiency is common in the Las Vegas Valley the KISS principle tells us to treat for iron

If there is rock surrounding the tree, pull it a distance of 3 feet away from the trunk. If wood mulch surrounds the tree, you do not need to pull it back. Make sure wood mulch does not contact the trunk of young trees. Keep wood mulch 6 inches away from the trunk.
Next, apply iron chelate containing EDDHA beneath the tree in January near a source of water. Cover the iron chelate with wood mulch to keep it out of the sun or make sure it is placed beneath the soil surface.

Magnesium deficiency of citrus
Next February or after fruit set apply a normal amount of fertilizer. Organic fertilizers are best. You should see a change in the color of the new leaves next spring during growth.

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