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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Shade Reduces the Flowering of Pomegranates

Q. I'm not getting a very big crop of pomegranates this year. They are about 6 years old. We have a large ash tree in the yard which throws some shade but the pomegranates both get morning sun.  I heard they don't require much water so I was worried they were getting too much. Then the Homeowners Association switched from grass to desert landscaping this past year.

Flowering of pomegranates requires the tree to be in full sunlight
A. To produce fruit, pomegranate need at least six hours of sunlight but does best in full sun. As shade increases on pomegranate, the number of flowers and fruits decrease. Switching from lawns to desert landscaping reduces the overall amount of water pomegranates are receiving. This will affect overall growth, flowering and fruit production.

Pomegranates produce flowers on new growth. If you are getting lots of new growth and there is enough sunlight there is no reason you should not be getting lots of flowers at that age. The key will be the number of flowers it's producing. If the tree is not producing flowers of course it can't produce fruit.

To stimulate flower production they need the same amount of water as other fruit trees. This plant is very drought tolerant but it needs water if it is to be productive. The amount of water depends on its size. The frequency of watering is the same regardless of size.

A six-year-old pomegranate should be at least 4 or 5 feet across. Its height depends on how it is pruned. An indicator it is getting plenty of water is the density of the canopy. Your pomegranate tree or bush should be dense enough you would have trouble seeing through it.

If you are not seeing much new growth and the canopy is not dense, this is usually an indication it's not getting enough water. Of course production increases if fertilizers are applied as well.

Surface wood mulches help retain water in the soil and improved growth and production of these plants.

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