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Sunday, July 26, 2015

What is This Groundcover With Pretty Pink Flowers?

Q, There's this flower in the neighborhood that looks delicate but doesn't seem to be affected by the wind.  Would you know what it is?

A, Yes, this is Mexican evening primrose. Oenethera spp. It is available locally and common in desert landscapes. Used in informal landscapes. It can be invasive where there is water available.

It looks pretty but the usual question I get is how to get rid of it. It tends to look not as pretty after a couple of seasons of growth. Most weed killers will not touch it. Contain it and don't let it spread everywhere. Cut it to the ground after it finishes blooming. Proceed with caution.

Some information from New Mexico State University

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  1. The Mexican evening primrose is a plant that will refuse to die once it is planted and takes root in your garden. DON'T PLANT IT.