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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Substitute Tree for Mesquite Without Pods

Q. I have two large Mesquite trees In my front yard...the kind that produce hundreds and hundreds of pods each year and then lose their tiny leaves in the fall as the wind whistles.  Quite messy to say the least.  However, they do provide considerable shade in the summer months.

Response from Andrea Meckley:
A. Bob Morris forwarded your question to me.  It's hard to beat the shade mature Mesquite trees give, but as you say they do have pods drop.  The shade tress listed below will take full sun, are green all year so not much leaf drop, produce no flowers and are available locally in the Las Vegas area.   I suggest: 
1.  Bay Laurel, standard tree form (mature size 12' x 12')
2.  Xylosma,standard tree form (mature size 15'h x 12'w
3.  Holly Oak (mature size 30' x 30') (produces acorns)

The internet can give you more pics and characteristics about the trees listed.  Also SNWA.com has a plant search section that is very good with pictures and information.

I hope this helps.  Please contact me with any further  questions.

Andrea Meckley, Certified Horticulturist

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