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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Farmer Photinia versus Fraser's Photinia

Q. Is there a difference between the red tip Photinia and one I saw called Farmer Photinia?
Fraser's Photinia or Red Tip Photinia demonstrating its name in the spring as new growth emerges.

A. I have never heard of Farmer Photinia. Maybe you mean Fraser's photinia or Photinia fraseri. Red Tip photinia and Fraser’s photinia are the same plant.
Red Tip Photinia
            Most of the Photinia available to us originally come from south to east Asia including China and Japan. There are 2 other Photinia we can sometimes find locally called Chinese Photinia and Japanese Photinia. But Fraser’s Photinia, or Red Tip Photinia, dominates our landscapes in Las Vegas.
Red Tip Photinia trying to survive in rock mulch
            Remember that these plants do not like rock mulch and frequently turn yellow and scorch in 4 to 5 years after they have been planted. Most of this is because the soil has become mineralized and the organic matter, or compost, applied at the time of planting has disappeared over time.

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