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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Discussion about Soil Amendments for Vegans


  1. Organic or conventional? Bob Morris has the most hands on experience! Working from a research background he is always at the forefront of the growing seasonal work and how to make the most of what you want to do. If you have questions regarding an desert plant this is the man to ask. Bob can be very technical and he can talk to the layperson. He listens and he understands what will work in this harsh environment. Thank you for all the help over the years, you are the best resource I have ever found.

  2. The address for ViraGrow is NOT the one listed on the sign in the opening scenes of this video.
    They have moved.
    They are at 1100 East Delhi Street. Major cross streets are Cheyenne & Losee.
    Get the details at www.viragrow.com