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Friday, July 29, 2016

Grapevine Had No Grapes for Two Years

Q. My grapevine had grapes for the first of four years but this and last year it had none. What is wrong with my grape vine? By all appearances it looks perfectly healthy but it didn’t produce grapes for the last two years.

A. The fruit or berries of grapevines are produced only on the wood which grew the previous year. Growth this season and three-year-old wood and older will not produce any fruit. Two-year-old wood is the only place that can produce flowers and fruit.
If all of the two-year-old wood is removed or dies, there will be no flowers or fruit. If the vine is left to grow without any pruning it will produce lots of fruit. But over the years this tangle of growth will create problems from crowding, fruit rots, disease, and it will be difficult to harvest the fruit.
Next spring do not prune. Let the vine grow. At least this way you will get some fruit from it. Your other option is to learn how to prune grapes correctly.

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