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Friday, July 29, 2016

Insects on Fruit Easy to Control Without Pesticides. Just Clean Up!

Q. Could you tell me what these little buggars are and how to eliminate them?

A.  This is not a common pest of fruit. It is an insect that just happened to be in the area and found something it could eat, had more of its own and decided you had a place it could set up residence. 

I am not an entomologist but know enough that I could identify it if it was a common pest. It is not. At first I thought it was a sap beetle but it is not. 

Regardless, the control is the same. Pick up and dispose of all damaged fruit on fruit trees and the ground. Compost them or get rid of them. Once you get rid of their food supply (damaged fruit) they will begin to disappear. 

From the look of them they do not have the ability to damage fruit themselves (their mouths cannot chew things) they look for already damaged fruit so they can feed and multiply.

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