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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tree Selection After Winds Toppled a PIne Tree

Q. My large Pine tree blew over. In researching on line I find there are lots of options to replace it.

Most have con's but I like the African Sumac, Raywood Ash, Weeping Willow and Poplar Trees.

Please send me your recommendation on these or any other one recommended. I live in

Mesquite, NV.

A. Definitely not weeping willow or poplars. The other two are okay. Weeping willow is a very short lived tree in our hot desert and may last ten years if you are lucky. It needs to be next to a lake or river. Poplars of all types and weak and break easily in winds and very very messy. If you have some others you like then run them by me and I can give you a thumbs up or down.

This is a good site to help you in your selection. Maybe someone out in that area has a favorite?

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  1. My African sumac is messy. Lots of seeds and sprouts from them. A lot of leaf drop when stressed.