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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Water Italian Cypress Less Often to Prevent Drooping

Q. Why are the lower libs on Cypress tree drooping?
Italian cypress side branches drooping because of watering too often
A.  I think what you mean by Cypress is Italian cypress. The other tree which people might call Cypress would be the Arizona Cypress which is a totally different tree. Arizona Cypress is used a lot in drier landscapes but is prone to a lot of borer problems, die back and loss of limbs.
            Italian cypress can “droop” a lot if they are not watered more carefully. The usual reason lower limbs drooping on Italian cypress is because the tree is watered too often. Watering frequently produces succulent growth that does not have the strength to remain upright.
     Managing irrigations so that they are less often, or smaller amounts more often, should slow the growth and make this growth more erect and less “floppy”.

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