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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Can't Find Yellow Honeysuckle in the Nurseries

Q. I cannot find the white or yellow honeysuckle here that grew in West Texas, Odessa, and smells so wonderful. 

A. The primary reason you can’t find familiar plants here is because of marketing and sales of local nurseries and gardens centers. The temperatures and soils are similar enough between West Texas and southern Nevada where many plants grown there would work here.These are Texas native plants that have become mainstreamed in Texas nurseries. Start asking for them at your local nursery and they will probably bring them in.
            You also have Texas A and M University which is very involved with the Texas nursery industry and, through their Extension Service, is helping homeowners and local nurseries in providing a wider variety of plants that will work there.
            Odessa is a little colder and not quite as hot as Las Vegas and the soils are…believe it or not… Better than ours primarily because there is more organics in the soils and more rainfall. West Texas is considered semi-arid, a part of the High Plains, while Las Vegas is in the eastern Mojave Desert.

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