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Monday, June 26, 2017

Follow Me on My New Twitter

Why Twitter?

Twitter gives you real time information about what is happening NOW.  Learn what people are asking now or what pests they are seeing. Stay on top of what is happening.

Isn't following Xtremehorticulture blog enough?

Yes, if you don't need to know what's going on in real time. By signing up to receive my tweets you will get alerts when I post something new. Your email address is not shared with ANYONE!

I post on two twitter accounts; 

@Xtremehort for real time gardening information


@Viragrow, for a focus on compost, soils, soil mixes, mulch and fertilizers.

Tweets include:
  • real time alerts of local pests
  • news about the organic movement and local food
  • questions sent to me with pictures

How to get these tweets?

In your browser type in @Xtremehort and follow the directions! Same with @Viragrow

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