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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Grape Pruning Classes February 16 and 17

Sangiovese wine grapes growing in the Las Vegas Valley

Grapes, both table and wine grapes, do extremely well in our desert climate. If managed properly they develop very high sugar content and an excellent sugar to acid ratio. Grapes are very adaptable and can be grown on conventional grape trellis or an arbor.

Learn which varieties have done well in the Mojave Desert climate for the past 25 years and how to prune them to make them more abundant. Learn the difference between "spur pruning" and "cane pruning". You will learn how to increase berry size through pruning and manage the "crop load" from someone who has established and grew grapes in the Mojave Desert since 1997.

Where: Ahern Orchard near Bonanza and MLK

Two nearly identical classes
Dates: February 16 and February 17
Time: 9am until noon both days

Grapes are two year old and trellised on grape vine trellising

Registration and Information

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