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Two hour minimum, $50 per hour = $100
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Soil Testing Fees, Interpretation and Recommendations
$125 per sample, I take the sample, Las Vegas Valley only
$50 for written analysis of existing soil test report

Water Testing
$100 - I take the sample, Local only

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  1. I'm getting my backyard ready for a raised bed to grow some veggies. Can you recommend where I can purchase quality soil in Las Vegas

    1. First off, please recognize I am a consultant for viragrow in North Las Vegas. Viragrow has 2 composts that are pretty good. One is composted from municipal waste and so it's a recycling effort. The second is also a waste product but it's from sawmills in Northern California. This second one is labeled as "organic" compost. The first one is not labeled as organic because it contains about 15% human waste that has been composted. For the majority of people they don't mind the composted human waste because it is done under strict EPA guidelines and they realize it is recycled material. It is extremely rich in plant nutrients. The "organic" compost made from Northern California sawmills is a partially composted wood-based compost that contains conventional fertilizer to boost the plant nutrient content. Either of these composts are used to make a very rich garden soil when it is mixed with quality sand. These soil mixtures are called Garden Soil, Tomato Lady Soil Mix, and Rejuvenate. All 3 are good products and used for growing vegetables in raised beds. The first 2 are made from composted municipal waste and the third product, Rejuvenate, does not contain any animal or human waste products and is considered Viragrow's "vegan" soil mix. Those 3 soil mixes are considered the best soil mixes produced in the valley for growing vegetables.

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