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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Slugs LOVE Stale Beer

Q. I have learned about slugs two years ago and thought I won the battle. I notice my marigold plants are withering. Went out at night with flashlight and YES!!! Found some big fat ones. The next day lifted a decorative plaque which is on the ground and I got the whole army and their children. Horrible. So I am squishing again and putting the snail dry stuff I got from store. I read about beer and wonder if I should do that. Any suggestions?

A. Stale beer works great as a slug bait. Put out a bowl of day old beer in the garden, sinking it slightly so they can get entrance and they die a happy death. Cover it with some cardboard to give them a place to party. You must clean out the former partiers and replenish the keggers frequently.

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  1. Any comments on ammonia. I just read your article and noted different ways to do away with them. I don’t use ammonia very often, but did spray my rock edging and many slugs came out. I lightly sprayed open area of dirt (not flower) and there were so many I didn’t see. I’ve been using a pliers to pitch and squash. The ammonia has been very helpful. See dead bodies next day and plants are find. Doesn’t cost as much as beer, but am using some beer yet.
    I planted a hydrangea (mini penny) and noticed slug. I think I should do a kind of “strip search” wait a day or two before planting. Feel like this is an uphill battle.