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How to Comment on a Post

You read a post and you would like to add to this post s comment. Maybe you don't agree with the post and your experience is different. These are valuable comments and other people will benefit from them.

Here is how to leave a comment on a post.

Comment on a Post

You are reading a post. For example the post below, "Century Plant Yellowing: Water or Damage by Agave Weevil". No one has made a comment on this post because in the white box where there is a red arrow it says "No comments". If you want to leave a comment about this post, left click on the words "No comments".

When you left click on "No comments", a white box appears. In this white box type in your comments (1). In the case below, your comment is, "I had these weevils in my agaves last year in May."

After you type in your comment, left click on (2) where you will be given an option about how you would like other readers to see who you are. (This includes Anonymous). To publish your comment, left click on the blue box labeled "Publish" (3). You have just posted a comment to this post on my blog.

 If someone replies to your comment, you will be sent an email that a reply to your comment has been made. This email will contain a link that takes you back to the post and comments made. You can reply to another persons comment and keep the discussion alive.

See "How to Reply to a Comment on a Post"

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