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Monday, February 10, 2014

Things To Do With Fruit Trees Now

While pruning the last couple of days I saw some things  to do that I wanted to bring to your attention.

Not Too Late to Trim and Fertilize Lantana

We generally grow two types of lantana in the landscapes in southern Nevada; the purple one and the one that is multi-colored, usually with some yellow and rose or pink flowers. Both are handled about the same way in watering, pruning and fertilizing.

Please Dont Prune Your Palo Verde LIke This

I was dumbfounded. I saw it from the bus.

Pick Fruit and Check for Circling Roots When Repotting Lemon

Q. I purchased a lovely Meyer Lemon tree in a one gallon pot in middle of the spring. It already had 6 lemons on it. I have the original fruit, have new fruit growing, and still am getting blossoms. Should I transplant it now into a larger pot or wait until after the fruit ripens and is used?

Do Liners at the Bottom of Raised Beds Help or Hinder?

Q. I'm setting up some raised beds for planting this spring and wondered about water evaporation from the soil. Since water retention in the soils here in Vegas is an issue due to the heat would it make sense to put a liner in the beds to help keep the moisture from draining out so quickly?

Remove Suckers Coming From Rootstock on Loquat

Not sure if I should remove growth below the graft from a Loquat tree.

Repairing Lemon Trees From Winter Cold Damage

Q. Our lemon tree shows damage after our recent very cold spell.  Some of the leaves are dry and dropping.  Is there anything we can do to assist the tree?

Ornamental Pear in Bloom Now... A Nice Tree Where it Has Room to Grow

The good and bad about ornamental pear in the desert.

Joshua Pups Can Be Transplanted

Q. I have a Joshua tree that is sending out what I've been told are "pups".  In other words, more trees are coming up around the main tree.  Can I transplant the pups to a new area and how do I do that.  Thanks for your help.