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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Plants for a Fourth Floor Apartment Facing North

Q. I have a 4th floor apartment facing north. Any suggestions for plants on the porch which can survive winter in Las Vegas?

A. Below is a list of shade accepting plants that will take our cold winters.  I listed all different size plants because you did not specify size requirements.   A good source for info on particular plants is snwa.com under  'landscapes'. 

Spider Agave (Agave bracteosa)
Soap Aloe (Aloe saponaria)
Guara-pink and white (Guara species)
Variegated Flax Lily
Yew Pine (Podocarpus microphylla or macrophylla)
Japanese Aralia (Fatsia japonica)
Gold dust Aucuba (Aucuba "Gold Dust')
Asparagus Fern (Asparagus spengerii)
Foxtail Fern ( Asparagus 'Foxtail')
Bay Laurel (Laurel nobilis)
Heavenly Bamoo (Nandina domestica)
Ivy (Hedera species)

Hope this helps.  Feel free to contact me with other questions.

Andrea Meckley
Certified Horticulturist
Contact Andrea at Imn2plants@aol.com