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How to Submit a Gardening Question

Maybe you've been wanting to ask a gardening question but you don't know how. This page will tell you how to do it. There are two ways you can ask me a gardening question.

Send Me an Email

The simplest way is to email your question to me at Xtremehorticulture@gmail.com   It is very helpful to tell me where you are living. Knowing where you are and what your climate is like will help me a lot in answering your question.

It is also helpful to send some pictures. If a close-up picture is needed, send one of those. If you send a close-up picture, it is important to send a picture from further away so I can see the surroundings. Send several pictures so I can see it from several angles.

Send Me a Question On My Blog

The second way is to send the question directly from my blog. You will not be able to attach any pictures this way. You will notice on the right hand of my blog there is a place where you can "Submit a Question to the Blog".

1. Put your name in the first box (1). You don't have to but I will address you by name if you do. I will never use your name when posting questions and answers in my blog.

2. Put your email address in the next box (2). Make sure it is correct or I can't respond.

3. Put your question in the last box (3). Include as much detail as you can such as,
  • where you live so I know you're climate and soils
  • watering
  • fertilizers.

Left click on the "Send" button.


  1. Having difficult time finding trees on list for tomorrow. Suggestions on how find for purchase? Looking for twisted acacia, texas olive and sweat acacia. Thank you!

    1. Sorry I did not see this comment to one of my pages until now. If you are in the Las Vegas area try the State Forest Nursery at http://forestry.nv.gov/ndf-state-forest-nurseries/las-vegas-state-tree-nursery/
      There are commercial nurseries that produce them in Arizona. How to get them from there is a problem unless you buy online. Send questions to me at xtremehorticulture@gmail.com