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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Is There Anything That Will Control Squash Bugs?

Q. I live in southern Utah "Cedar City" and put in a garden that is 15x120 each year. Over the years the squash bug infestation has become worse and worse.

Determining the Correct Sized Drip Emitter

Q. The landscape people are into variable drip emitters and think I am a little looney sticking to drip emitters.  How do you determine how many gallons to give large trees like African sumac, bottle trees, Swan Hill olives, Yew pines and chaste trees?

When to Divide Lily of the NIle

Q. When is the best time of year to divide a Lily of the Nile? Please tell me how to do it. I have 1 that is about 10 years old and it isn’t looking very good.

Sagging Yucca Arms Need Support or....

Q. I have this Yucca for about 15 years and I am getting concerned about all the growth on the arm that you can see from enclosed photo. It is getting real heavy and I don't want it to snap. Any suggestions?

Overgrown Red Yucca Can Be Divided for Smaller Space

Q. I’m replacing some red yuccas that have grown too large for a three foot area, unprotected in full sun. They spill over into the walkway where my grandchildren have been getting stabbed by the leaves. Can tree roses handle that kind of weather?

Blackened Dead Leaves May Be A Really Bad Disease Problem from Last Year

Q. I planted a five-gallon pear tree about three springs ago and it seems pretty happy espaliered along my west-facing block wall, but a few new leaves on three of the branches have some kind of black rot on them. It has rotted away part of the leaf on some of them. Can you tell me what this disease is and whether and how to fight it?

UNCE Orchard Weather Report for March 2014

No significant weather events occurred during March except some temperatures below 45F which could account for some chilling injury to sensitive plants. See the report below.