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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Clover-Looking Weed with Yellow Flowers is Very Difficult to Control

Q. I have oxalis clover look-alike as a weed. How can I control it? I am ready to use chemicals at this point having tried to rid it by digging and pulling with no success. Having it in my grass is bad enough but now that it is in my iris beds I want to kill the dang stuff!

Thanks to Hunter for Advanced Irrigation Control at the Orchard

A really big thanks goes out to Hunter Industry and in particular Nate Gould out of Phoenix, Arizona. Nate offered to provide the UNCE orchard in North Las Vegas with a state-of-the-art Hunter ACC Irrigation Clock. This definitely brings the UNCE Orchard into the 21st Century!

Italian Cypress Will Work as a Windbreak on 1 Acre But....

Q. I have used Italian cypress in moderate climates with very good success but now I will be moving to the desert in Pahrump on one acre and want to put in about 30-50 of these for windbreak. Is there anything special I need to consider planting these in a desert climate?

Should a License Be Required to Carry a Hedge Shears?

What was not forseen in the advent of desert landscaping was the dramatic change in pruning techniques brought in by the landscape industry. Hand pruners and loppers were gone. Hedge shears were in.

Still Afraid to Prune Your Lantana?

You may have either the purple lantana or the multi-colored lantana. Most of it died back during the winter. But where to cut? What if I cut it back too far. Will I kill it? Even in February you still have time.

Nevada's First Bottle of Olive Oil All Produced in Nevada

Last year produced the first bottle of Nevada olive oil.

Star Jasmine Problems Mostly Soil, Mulch and Cold Related

Q. What can I do to correct all the issues afflicting the star jasmine this winter?