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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Help Us Look for Great Tree Pics!

We are currently writing a book that has been funded on desert water conservation in urban landscapes. We would like original pictures of native and desert adapted trees growing in southern Nevada. We will credit the owners with all that we use.

The pictures of trees we would like to have include:

Single-leaf pinion pine  Pinus monophylla
Western redbud             Cercis occidentalis NOT Eastern redbud  Cercis canadensis
Gambel oak                     Quercus gambelii
Netleaf hackberry          Celtis laevigata var. reticulata
Vitex or Monkspepper  Vitex agnus-castus
New Mexican Locust     Robinia neomexicana
Fragrant Ash                   Fraxinus cuspidata
Desert Willow                 Chilopsis linearis 
Joshua Tree                     Yucca brevifolia
Utah Juniper                   Juniperus osteosperma
Cliff Rose                         Purshia stansburiana
Catclaw acacia                Acacia greggii 
Screwbean Mesquite     Prosopis pubescens
Blue Palo Verde             Parkinsonia florida
Mojave Smoketree        Psorothamnus spinosus

Desert Willow                Chilopsis linearis
Sweet Acacia                  Acacia smallii
Foothills Palo Verde     Parkinsonia microphylla
Arizona Rosewood        Vauquelinia
New Mexico Olive         Foresteria neomexicana
Ironwood                        Olneya tesota
Lacebark Elm                Ulmus parvifolia
Chinese Pistache           Pistache chinensis
Holly Oak                       Quercus ilex
Southern Live Oak       Quercus virginiana
Texas Ebony                  Ebenopsis ebano