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Monday, January 13, 2014

Puffballs and Other Mushrooms Comon to Desert Landscapes

Q. These odd things grow in my back yard from time to time and I was wondering what they are. Do you know?

Use the 1-2-3 Cut for Large Limb Removal

Large limb removal can cause some damage to a tree if you are not careful. As you cut through a limb the weight of that limb as it begins to fall can break through the last third of the limb where it is cut and rip the bark down the side of a tree. Cut large limbs this way....

Root Fig Cuttings in February and March

Q. I just came across one of your oldest articles about growing fig trees in Las Vegas and I would like toask you when is a good time to cut off some of the bottom branches to make a new tree. I got this tree about 2 years ago from California and has been growing fast and big in my backyard.

Winter is the Best Time to Shop for Compost

Q. I was checking the mulch products at Whiting Bros. and they have a product called Ferta Mulch.
They label it "Humic Composted Mulch". It looks like finely chopped up  bark. They recommend it to improve the quality of your soil. They have a picture of it on their website. I can buy a ton of it for $40.00. I'm expanding my vegetable garden by approximately 20x30 so the 2 cubic ft bags at  the big box stores are out of the question.  My soil is very sandy. What do you think?

Apply Rose Fertilizers Now

Q. In previous years I started fertilizing our roses in March. They performed poorly last year so I want to feed them earlier. Is it ok to start now, and if so is there any special formula or nutrients required for the first feeding?

Ash Trees Do Not Normally Need Applied Iron

Q. Should I give my ash trees the same iron treatment as fruit trees?

Sago Palms Damaged in December

Q. Do white fronds indicate my sago palm has frost damage? Can my sago be saved? Should sagos be wrapped and, if so, do I just cover them when the temperatures drop down to the 20's but then remove the wraps once the weather warms up?