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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Chef Looking for Local Myers Lemon Fruit

I have a chef friend was looking for a small quantity of Meyer lemons. This is February 11 and he realizes it's at the end of the season for Meyer lemons but he only needs 50-100 fruit. Does anyone have them and would they like to sell them for a fair price to this chef?

This is Meyers lemon. Notice the fruit is round and when it's fully mature oftentimes it develops an orange Jewish yellow color on the rind. It is not a true lemon like Lisbon or Bonanza but a hybrid that contains some orange genetics as well as lemon.It has a distinctive flavor different from true lemons.But it still tastes like a lemon.

This begs a question. I have a twitter account. It is located at #Xtremehort On this twitter account I post infrequently but I let people know if there is a pest problem or danger to growing fruit and vegetables in southern Nevada. I am wondering if I should also offer my twitter account to chefs and local producers so they can connect. Any thoughts on this?

I would love to hear your thoughts at any of my email addresses: Extremehort@aol.com; Xtremehort@gmail.com and Xtremehorticulture@gmail.com