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Monday, March 24, 2014

What You Need for Your Vegetables Now

It’s the end of the season for cool season, winter vegetables now after mid-March. Warm season vegetables should be going in the ground now if they haven’t already. In protected hot microclimates it should have been sooner. Here is what you need to do now in our hot, desert climate.

Cat Claw Vine Beautiful in the Desert But Not Elsewhere!

Q. I planted six cat claw vines two summers ago in full sun. They are on a drip system and I hope to wean them from regular water once the area is covered. I believe you mentioned to avoid mulching cat claw vine.  Of course I had already done this and the plants are struggling.

Spanish Dagger Yucca Ready to Fall Over!

Q. Our Spanish dagger yucca was doing great but it's leaning badly now. Is this normal?

Majestic Beauty Leaves Browning on the Edges May Be Drip Problem

Q. The edges of the leaves on my Majestic Beauty are getting brown and crispy. Is that salt burn? They get watered twice each week for 20 minutes and each plant has two emitters.

Rootspread of Landscape Trees in the Desert Controlled by Water

Q. If I have very mature shrubs (over 5 years) like  abelias etc. and keep it shaped to about 3'x3'. Will the "mature' root system stay within the canopy for watering purposes or extend out due to age and need more water?

Kaki May Not Give HIgh Quality Persimmon Fruit in the Desert

Q. When will be a good time to transplant a Kaki persimmon tree and will it do well in Las Vegas?

Systemic Insecticides Applied to Fruit Trees Does Not Make Sense to Me

I am very concerned about an insecticide I applied to my lemon and pomegranate tree....

No Flowers on Peach Tree Could be Due to Overzealous Winter Pruning

Q. Of my 5 peach trees only two blossomed thus far, the other 3 have started or well on their way to leaf out.  I presume I'll not get peaches from them this year.  Any idea why they would leaf out and not blossom?