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Monday, February 24, 2014

Mechanical Control of Borers in Fruit Trees

I will usually take a very sharp, large knife and remove this loose bark and find out how much damage has been done by the borer.

Sneezing Might Be Due to African Sumac

Ash trees are starting to bloom now as well.

Brown Spots Probably Disease Problem on Tree Photinia

Q. Can you tell what the problem is with my patio tree and what I can do about it? The leaves are all covered in brown spots. I am not sure which plant it is.

Majestic Beauty Hawthorne a Good Choice But Use Wood Mulch

Q. On the north side of our house we have a 10-foot wide space we are trying to landscape. Several have suggested planting bay laurel trees but we are concerned about the tree's size for the space. When we went to the nursery their suggestion was the Majestic Beauty hawthorn tree. Will the Hawthorn tree do well in our climate and soils?

Wild Mustard is Free and Available For Your Salads All Over Town

Mustards are all over town right now and they appear like weeds. But what you may not know is that they are at their peak of flavor right now, particularly the younger, smaller leaves toward the center.

Can I Use Compost With Worms in It?

Q. I have been collecting vegetables scraps for the last 6 months for composting but did not have a cover on my bin.  I have found the compost loaded with this bug or worm.  Can I use this compost? There are too many to pick out.  I'm afraid if put in soil they will kill plants but my compost is really good!!

Dark Brown or Black Shells on Oleander May Be Scale Insects

Q. I have a serious infestation of hard shelled black insects on my oleanders. I have a tree-like hedge of oleanders on both sides of my home. One of the oleanders is heavily infested but the problem is spreading rapidly to all the others.