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Monday, April 21, 2014

Treat Now to Prevent Wormy Peaches

Peach twig borer seen now flying in the Las Vegas valley. These small brown moths are very similar to the insects that produce wormy apples. Treat now and prevent that from happening later.

Fireblight Seen in the Las Vegas Valley in Late March

Fireblight has been seen on Asian pear, European pear and apple in the Las Vegas valley.

Uneven Garlic Growth Probably Not Due to Cold Winter

Q. Does a colder, harsher longer than usual winter affect the growing of garlic? I've noticed many of my plants are under-developed, or didn't develop at all, while others have gigantic stalks!

Small Yellow Immature Plums Dropping Sign of No Pollination

Q. I have two Santa Rosa plum trees planted in my backyard.  The one in the lawn area has about 25% small yellow plums that fall off when I flick them or shake the branches.

Expect Those Ugly Bugs on Pomegranate and Pistachios Now!

Q. We have a big pomegranate tree that has been doing great for a few years.  Last year we had an infestation of nasty, prehistoric looking large grey bugs on our pomegranate tree. What can I do to get rid of them?

Onions Producing Flowers Too Soon

Q. Hello Bob. My son got me onions that were little 3" sprigs with roots, no bulbs, tied togather in a "bunch", no soil. we separated them and planted a few months ago. They have grown about 7 inches or more tall and I just noticed today some of them are getting seed bulbs on their tops. But if they are large onions, why are they going to seed already?

Shiny Leaf Sheen on Roses May Be Aphids Feeding

Q. There's a glossy sheen on my rose leaves that's not suppose to be there. I have the problem every year and I usually just give them a good spray with the hose and that helps but doesn't seem to be the cure. Any suggestions that don't involve chemicals?

Almond Failed to Leaf Out

Q. I planted an All-in One Almond, Saturn Peach, 5-in-1 Apricot, and most recently, a Pink Lady Apple. My almond has not leafed out yet. The tissue is still green and flexible, but there is some die back at a few tips. Could this be transplant shock of some sort?

New Tomato Seedling Transplants Not Growing

Q. I started seedlings in a greenhouse and transplanted them into my raised beds. but they are not growing at all. It's been 2 weeks, and a couple have died but the rest have not even continued growing.