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Friday, May 23, 2014

5-in-1 Fruit Tree Growing Differently on Different Branches

Q. I purchased a 5 in 1fruit tree from the recent orchard event. The two thickest grafted branches have vigorous foliage.  The next smallest is marginal, with one foliage "bud" close to the main trunk, nothing distally. The two thinnest don't look good -- no foliage. Suggestions?

Welcome to the Desert: Cleveland Sage in Bloom Now

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Shade Plant Selection for the Desert

Q. My garden has matured and now I have flower beds that are shaded.  What plants grow in the shade here and where can I buy them?

Why I Hate To Answer the Question,"What Plant Should I Use for...."

I send these types of questions now to Andrea Meckley. She LOVES these kinds of questions. So thank her for answers to your question, "What plant should I use for.....

Any Fruit Trees That Don't Need Pesticides?

Q. Are there any fruit, nut, fig, or olive trees that I can grow in North Las Vegas without using pesticides?

Cathedral Oak a Good Choice But May Be Hard to Find

Q. A few days ago we saw a cathedral oak at the Springs Preserve.  It was identified as "Quercus virginiana 'Cathedral'"on its little sign.  Does it do well in Las Vegas?   Do its leaves fall at all (like pine needles drop)?  How tall/wide does it get in our area?  Is it a fast grower?  Any other facts?

Poor Canopy Development in Newly Planted Large Tree Could Be Lack of Water

Q. I think I this might be a pink locust tree. I'm seeing a lot of dead branches. The tree was planted last Fall. Should I give it some fertilizer to help it push out new growth?

Is Grub Guard Safe to Use in my Landscape?

Q. I ran across an item called Grub Guard in the catalog. It contains beneficial nematodes. Would these be the same kind of nematodes that attacked my tomatoes last year?

My Pomegranate Has Those Little Red Bugs

Q. I have a pomegranate tree planted by birds about 20 years ago. I never had bug problems on this tree before 2011. In 2012 it produced about 150 pounds of pomegranates. In 2013 the tree did not produce any fruit at all. This year the tree is loaded again but it is infested with those little red bugs that I think will turn into those ugly creatures you have been talking about. We don't want to use poisons. Have there been any new developments for control?

New Texas Ranger Not Looking Good After Daily Watering

Q. I planted a Texas Ranger shrub three weeks ago in some sandy and rocky soil. I have been watering it with about two gallons daily. I added one inch-deep bark mulch in a 1 foot circle around the plant. Now I am finding yellow, brittle leaves on the lower stems and curling leaves on top. Am I overwatering?

Tomatoes With Black Bottoms Now Being Seen

Those of you who were lucky enough to get your tomatoes planted the first part of March have already tasted your home grown tomatoes. Quite a few of you have discovered tomatoes with black bottoms. What do you do?

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