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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Full-Sized Peach Tree Not a Good Container Idea

Q. In March of this year I planted a 2 foot tree with few leaves.  It now has grown to 4 feet with a wide spread of branches. It is planted in an 18 inch pot in the southeast section of my yard.  Will this tree continue to grow in a container?  If so, should I transplant it to a larger container? I grow citrus trees in containers and in the ground successfully.  This is my first attempt to grow a peach tree.

A. I am not sure that putting a full sized peach tree in a container is a good idea. It is going to get REALLY big in there unless you can get a huge container.  A better selection would probably be one of the miniature peaches like Bonanza, Bonanza II, Eldorado, Garden Gold or Pixie. There are others but I do not know how they might perform in our climate. The fruit is okay, not great and that has been the problem with miniatures.

            I do not think a standard sized fruit tree will live as long in a container and will probably have to be replaced sooner than one in the ground. But if you do not have the room then go for it but put it in a very large container. The larger the better.

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