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Sunday, November 6, 2011

I Have Several Questions That I Would Like Assistance With on General Stuff

I have several different questions that I would like assistance with. We have 3/4 acre lot in Las Vegas near the airport, it is sandy, and we have our own well so water is not an issue.

1)      We have just cleared the lot of sticker bushes and various types of weeds, what do you suggest we use to apply to the ground to prevent the weeds from reoccurring?

A. Mulch. Anything that provides complete shade on the ground. 100% shade prevents most weed seeds from germinating. If you want to use plant material and water is not an issue, then turfgrass makes the best groundcover to prevent weed seeds from germinating.

2)      We have just burnt tree limbs. Can we use the ashes to put around trees, and bushes, etc?

A. Yes. It is high in potassium salts. I would not worry about reports that suggest that you not use it.

3)      We would like to grass most of the lot, what type of grass seed do you suggest for sandy soil and well water and when is the best [or latest time] that we should sow the seed next year.

A. This is a loaded question and one I do not like to answer because it can be complicated. Hybrid Bermudagrass. It is not started from seed but from plugs, sprigs or sod. Plant from April to June. You can use common bermudagrass which is started from seed if County regulations allow you to plant it. I don't know where you live but if you are allowed to burn outside then do not overseed it in the fall and burn it back in late winter or early spring just prior to new growth, March or early April.

4)      We will be gone from January - April, can we cut back the tree in January before we leave, they are tall and full and we generally cut them way back in March so not sure we can do it earlier.  They are California peppers and approximately 5 years old.
A. You may prune anytime it is dormant and should be done before new growth in the spring. (Before February)

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