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Monday, February 6, 2012

Winds Blew the Flowers Right Off My Peach Tree

Q. For the last two years in North Las Vegas heavy winds have come while my young peach tree was in bloom. Both years I wrapped it as best I could but the blooms were blown off the tree anyway. Do you have any good way to protect the tree during these windy times? You don't wrap your trees at the farm?

A. We don't wrap our trees and we are exposed to strong, cold winds from the northwest with recorded gusts of 70 mph. My guess is that the wind is channeling through that area which will increase its speed. I would suggest constructing a windbreak to protect that small area by diverting or slowing the wind. This can be made from fencing or evergreen plants.

            You do not need to stop the wind entirely but you can slow it down with a windbreak. Windbreaks should not be a 100% barrier to wind but allow about 20% of that wind to penetrate through it. Things like chain-link fences with PVC slats or woven materials placed along windward side of the fence will affect wind a distance of 5 to 8 times the height of the barrier.
            Wind will increase its speed if it goes from a large area through a small area such as between homes or into backyards. This can be a problem if this channeled wind enters small areas where fruit trees and vegetable gardens are located.

            Be creative. See if you can design a windbreak into your existing landscape that can help modify that part of your yard and make it more enjoyable.

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