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Monday, April 16, 2012

Siamese Twin Peaches; Double and Triple Peach Fruits

Double and triple peaches

Q. I have small peach fruits now on my newly planted peach tree and some of the fruit are like Siamese twins; there are double fruits coming from the same spot. In some cases there are three fruits.

A. Double peaches are thought to be from drought stress at the time of flower bud formation which would have been from last July or August (2011).

Double peach mature

Double apple

Double fig

            I usually remove one of the “doubles” so that, when possible, only one fruit remains.  You have to do this when the fruit are young and small and they can still recover. The remaining fruit will heal if the damage is not severe. If the double fruit cannot be split apart then remove the entire fruit.

            At this stage of your tree’s life I would probably leave only a handful of fruit on the tree depending on its size. I would estimate that about 50 leaves are needed to support one fruit. I am not asking you to count the leaves but just estimate it when determining how much fruit to leave on a branch.

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