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Monday, May 28, 2012

Joshua Tree Followup: A Success Story

Dear Bob Morris:
     As a 2 year follow-up on the transplanting of this Joshua tree I'm happy to report success!    This precious desert succulent has resumed growth and even flowered (photo).   I believe the amended soil of mulch, bone meal and sulfur along with sprays of water several times a week did the trick.
    Because the root ball had so few extended roots remaining after the transplant,  I placed drippers at it's baseline. Now I plan to move the drippers out to encourage a more extensive root system and stabilized tree.
   Thanks for your advice in saving one of the longest living plants on Mother Earth.  Long live the Joshua!

Bob Cardillo, MG

I am glad this worked out for you but I would rather believe it was all of your hard work that pulled it off. Congratulations! I will post this on the blog so that it is updated and people can learn from you.
If you want to see the previous post then return to the main page, enter "Joshua tree" in the search box and press enter.

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