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Friday, June 15, 2012

Bird Scaring Tactics to Keep Them Out of Your Fruit Trees

Q. Do you know where we can get the shiny silvery streamers for our fruit trees? The birds are upon us, (or them). We have the mesh covering, but would like to try something different.  If there's anything else you can suggest, we would appreciate that as well. Thanks for your help.
An electronic bird scaring device

A. We have tried streamers, tinsel, CD’s, DVD’s, (no VHS tapes yet), electronic bird scaring devices (which work for about two weeks when in constant use) and not much seems to work over the long run. Scaring devices MAY work over the short haul if discontinued after a couple of weeks and restarted again next season.
But if you expect something to keep birds out of fruit trees for months at a time you will be very disappointed. The best is netting the trees but the netting must be attached firmly to the ground with no entry points or the birds will find it. You would net the trees about two weeks before the fruit is ready. They don’t seem to bother fruit until they get to a certain stage of ripeness unless they are REAL hungry. That being said.. try….


  1. Birds can get caught in bird netting and get injured/die and land on and eat through adjacent fruit.

    I'm trying tulle this summer not only to keep out birds, but insects and act as a sunscreen. You don't want it on during pollination.


  2. Also, keeping trees a manageable height, ala back-yard orchard culture, will makes it much easier to cover with netting, tulle, etc.